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After a short registration you'll have access to free evaluations versions and documentation of the IP-Cores stored in this area. The evaluation versions are functionally limited and available as Cyclone IV netlists only. Any commercial usage of these netlists is prohibited. The evaluation of the complete IP-Core functionality is possible with custom HW-platform "DemoBox". Several DemoBox devices can be lent for free to build custom redundant Ethernet-network and test the full core functionality.

HSR/PRP/1588v2 IP-Core

The HSR/PRP/1588v2 IP-Core is a Link Redundancy Entity (LRE) implementation according to the IEC 62439-3.4/5 standard featuring PRP and HSR protocols. [flyer] These protocols extend the Standard Ethernet (IEEE 802.3) networks with seamless redundancy through frame and communication path duplication. In case of a single frame loss in an HSR/PRP-network, no frame re-transmission is needed. At the same time, no changes to existing protocol stacks are required due to HW-only implementation. Both parallel (PRP) and cost-saving ring (HSR) Ethernet topologies are supported. The optional P2P Stateless Transparent Clock (SLTC) performs high-accuracy corrections according to IEEE 1588v2 standard. [documentation]

1588v2 SLTC IP-Core

The 1588v2 SLTC IP-Core is a Stateless Transparent Clock (SLTC) implementation according to the IEEE 1588v2 standard featuring Precisions Time Protocol (PTP). [flyer] It is perfectly suited to embed any (legacy) network components (e.g. switches) or IP-Cores and prepare them for synchronized peer-to-peer (P2P) Ethernet networks. The 1588v2 SLTC IP-Core performs all needed peer delay measurements and time (residence time, peer delay and path asymmetry) corrections on behalf of the embeddednetwork component. [documentation]


The DemoBox is a hardware platform specifically designed for evaluation of the IP-Cores offered by the VeryLogic GmbH. [documentation] Several DemoBox devices can be lent for free to build custom redundant Ethernet-network and test the full PRP-Core functionality. To place an order for DemoBox devices simply fill in the order form and send its scanned version to .